Why Drink Shakeology Every Day?

For so many reasons! Check out the Shakeology BLOG here!

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  • Lose weight – especially if you replace a meal with Shakeology every day.
  • Reduce junk food cravings – drink it in the morning to enjoy this benefit throughout the day
  • Increase your energy and feel healthier.
  • Improve your digestion and regularity.

Clinically Proven to:

  • Lower weight
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood sugar

Shakeology 7 Day Sampler

Want to try before you buy? Grab a Sampler Pack!

Choose from our SUPER SAMPLER with 5 regular/2 Vegan (Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry) or our VEGAN SAMPLER with 4 vegan (2 Vegan Chocolate, 2 Vegan Strawberry) packets.

Shakeology Vegan Sampler

One Taste Sampler in each variety allowed per customer.