Out With the Old: Welcome, 2014



You were terrific.

And . . . you sucked.

Man, did I have one bipolar year.

There were HUGE personal accomplishments, and personal failures. Family adventures, and parenting thorns. Sadly I earned to accept that much of what I wrote in 2012 was lost in 2013 due to a glitch with my blog overhaul. My  heart mourned for that. There were financial successes, and stresses. There were enormously deep thoughts of appreciation from customers and coaches, and shockingly stinging texts, blog comments, and messages from those questioning my profession. One day I’d be on top of the world. And on another? I’d sink.

Fare. Thee. Well. 2013.

I am saying hello to:

  • My voice. (It disappeared for a while.)
  • Reading on my kindle, rather than netflixing before bed. (Currently reading Divergent!)
  • Writing at least 3 blog posts a week. (This is number three for this week and it’s only Monday.)
  • Tightening and investing in my “circle”. (My wagon seems to be circled a lot more often these days.)
  • Writing daily “Thank you” notes. (Thank you to Lita Stallings for this idea.)
  • PiYo Certification. (Yes, I am ready to teach!)
  • A shelf of unread books. (They all look so good.)
  • Forgiving, releasing, and blessing. (Thank you, Michelle. For the reminder. Daily.)
  • Twitter and Pinterest for business. (I’m still an Instagram hold-out. I need to master these!)
  • First Thursday of the month GNO. (This week? MAKEOVERS!)
  • Systems to help me organize a growing business. (I need to find ways to increase efficiency.)
  • Delegation. (Someone to clean the house. Elance.)
  • P90X, 21-Day Fix, and whatever else Beachbody brings my way. (My drug.)
  • A CRUISE! (Who wants to watch the kids?)
  • Giving. (Freely.)
  • Purging my house of “stuff”. (George is saying, what more can we purge? There’s always something.)
  • This. For my home. (Simple steps for simplified living.)
  • Getting the mammogram. (It’s been two years. That’s just stupid. And not smart.)

Notice I didn’t share what I was leaving BEHIND.


Why give the junk any more screen time?

How about you? What are you saying “hello” to this year???


2 Responses to "Out With the Old: Welcome, 2014"
  1. Since you asked – I believe I have reached Nirvana with The Projecteze system, via On Top of Everything: Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease by Laurence Seaton (http://tinyurl.com/lk6fswq). More than I’ve spent on a single book in a LONG time, and totally worth it. This system is the way MY brain works!! Yipee!!

    • I’m so glad for you!!!!!! We’ve both been dabbling in different ideas for awhile now. I’ll check it out for sure!!!

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