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#3 on my #50before50 journey was not planned. It was completely spontaneous. A dare. While on a fabulous walking tour of downtown Pittsburgh, we came upon PPG place. Children were running through the fountains with squeals of delight. The sun was shining. I’ll be honest. I’ve always wanted to do it. And it…(Read More)

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 9 year’s now and always enjoy heading into the city. While I wish we lived closer or that our area provided a train (a la Chicago) into the city, I know I would be getting my urban fix way more often if both of those options were the…(Read More)

And so it begins. 50 before 50. If you have not read my introduction to this 365-day experiment, catch it here. While none of my 50 ideas are in any particular order, the first one out of the gate took me by surprise. While I had already decided I would research how to volunteer…(Read More)

***This post was originally published in the Beaver County Times on July 30, 2018*** I find the title “Bucket List” unnerving. The last thing I want to do is make a list of super cool things I must finish before kicking the bucket. Morbid. Why does a list of fantastic life experiences have to be…(Read More)

“We are the spark that’ll light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down.” Poe Dameron, The Last Jedi No. I’m not planning a coup. This isn’t a political post. Well, not entirely. But the word SPARK evoked major emotion while watching Star Wars with my family a few week’s…(Read More)

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