50 Before 50: #5 Be a ham (not a hard thing to do.)


Truth be told, I’m battling getting my 50 before 50 completed! I have my list. I’m checking it twice. And then realizing, “When in the world am I supposed to do THAT?”

But, alas – that’s my problem.

You are just here for the entertainment of watching me make a fool of myself in my 49th year.

Like, in this post, for example.

To know me well is to know of my deep-seated love for “To Kill a Mockingbird” which was first introduced to me in 10th grade by my English teacher, Miss Grimm. I instantly fell in love with the story. I named my first-born Harper (my first-born who I had many, many years after completing 10th grade, dear reader – in case there was any confusion). I named my dog Scout. I have TKAM jewelry. I adore the movie. I have read or listened to the book at least 5 times. If you want to bring a smile to face simply say, “Hey, Boo.”

And now, I have dressed like a ham.

During the first annual Beaver Library .5, I let go of any dignity I had and ran the grueling .5 course as Scout while wearing a costume resembling her ham costume from that fateful night towards the end of the book. No, I won’t tell you what happened in the book. Read it yourself. Then come to talk to me.

I will add that many at the race assumed I was running as the “ham” in “Green eggs and ham”. To which I had to give a synopsis of TKAM.


Next year, I’ll be back.

Not as a ham.

Well not dressed as a ham, anyway.

Though, I’ll still actually be one.

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