50 Before 50: #3 Run through fountains at PPG place


#3 on my #50before50 journey was not planned. It was completely spontaneous. A dare.

While on a fabulous walking tour of downtown Pittsburgh, we came upon PPG place. Children were running through the fountains with squeals of delight. The sun was shining.

I’ll be honest. I’ve always wanted to do it. And it crossed my mind while standing there. But I remained silent.

“Jo, run through the fountains. Hashtag 50 before 50!”

I wasn’t surprised to hear that challenge coming from mouth of my friend Cassie, who is known for instigating  inspiring ideas and nurturing them to life. It was Cassie who suggested I turn my Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife posts into this book ,  created my tag line, “Living a fit life, one cup at a time”, and pushed me  strongly encouraged me to do this:

My husband didn’t even realize it was happening.

My kids were a mixture of embarrassed and “Mom is a rock star”.

My friends cheered me on.

It was a BLAST. And with over an hour of walking left to go, I was completely dry by the end of tour.

I’ve not read “The Year of Yes”, but apparently, I need to. For the moment Cassie uttered, “Do it”, I knew I had to dive in.

The location was right. The weather was right. There was no financial or physical stake (unless I slipped or took out a child while running), and, well, I was wearing a sports bra – so all the stars aligned to my being the only adult in the park to take a lap around and directly through the fountains.

My next #50before50 also has to do with water – which is hilarious because I’m not known for loving water.

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What a year this is turning out to be, right?


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